Previous Exhibitions

Single exhibitions,

*together with Erika Lehmann (selection)


* 2004: Art Museum Dortmund, Germany (Director Ingo Bartsch)

Centro Culturale Svizzero in Milano, Italy (Director Domenico Lucchini) - Galeria A’artoteca Milano


* 2005: Art Museum Halle, Germany

Kunstverein Treptow

Berlin, Germany (Director Longest F. Stein)


* 2008: Art Gallery of the city of Erlangen, Germany


* 2009: National Museum of Communication Berlin, Germany (Director Dr. L. Kugler)


2018: Offene Kirche Elisabethen Basel "Gemeinsam-Common"

2018: Filter 4 Basel "Art+Artist"

2018: World Of Emotions

2019: FABRIKcluture Hégenheim

2020: MAMAG Modern Art Museum Wien

2022: Städtische Galerie Zagreb

2023: Städtische Galerie Brasov

2023: Nationalmuseum Herzegowina